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Exuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn

“Excuse me, your life is waiting” sat on my coffee table for about 4 months before I read it. It was hard to talk myself into reading another manifesting/"Law of Attraction" book, it’s such a simple concept. Lynn Grabhorn puts a couple new twists on the subject, and has plenty of entertaining examples. I applied the concepts to my life and saw improvements overnight. It was an easy read, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to rereading some of the sections.

Why is the book 300 pages? Examples, plenty of them. Her style is a great narrative that encompasses her life story and stories from participants. They’re all relevant and make the book and messages flow with ease. What these anecdotes do is point out all the little

pitfall you could experience along the way. This is also the only downer in the book, how NOT to think or feel prevails and often I was pepping myself up.

The most stressed point in the book is feeling your way through life. Both listening to how you’re feeling in each moment and creating day dreams to find your motivations. Looking deep within yourself to find why you want the money, to buy a car? Why do you want the car? Happier drive to work? Now describe how it will feel to drive the car? Listening to the music, in the cool air conditioning, smiling, cruising down the road.... feel your happiness in this moment. These kinds of feelings are what she tries to pull out of you over and over again.

As any book with a four step method that's applied to all aspects of your life, it's repetitive and she uses the same words over and over again. It will either drive the concepts home or annoy you. Lucky for you, she presents three ways to lighten up your mood :-)

Five out Five Stars for bringing new life to a dry subject.

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